The Note 7 fiasco got us scratching our heads. We couldn’t believe Samsung had a few missteps that resulted in exploding batteries. A series of investigations discovered the battery suppliers were at fault. To ensure similar problems won’t happen again, Samsung improved on quality assurance and standard protocols and so the Galaxy S8 and S8+ didn’t have any similar problem. It’s the same with the Galaxy Note 8 until this week when reports of bricked phones are heard.

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners have complained that their phones died after the battery drained. There have been Note 8 units that wouldn’t turn on after the battery was totally discharged. Even when the charger is plugged in, the phone won’t power on. It seems this dead battery problem is real. We’re not sure what happened here but we know it is not specific to one carrier but most are units sold in the United States. There is no official fix yet so those affected are encouraged to get replacements for their bricked phones.

Phones turning off when the battery runs out or drains is normal but what’s unfortunate is not turning on when it’s supposed to be charging already. It could be another battery problem so maybe, battery suppliers are at fault again. We’re sure Samsung used the same quality assurance standards so the Note 8 phablets should be okay unless there’s a bad batch came out of production.

VIA: Piunika Web