For those not keeping up with Samsung news lately, the company is reportedly preparing to release a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet smartphone hybrid. We’ve seen countless leaks but yesterday we might have got our first look a little early on accident. While announcing the Garnet Red color of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 you’ll notice something out of place in the background. Check it out below.

The image above was provided by Samsung for their official announcement of the rather boring red version of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Valentine’s Day. The tablet’s been available for some time, so this is just a limited edition color. Oddly enough a few readers (thanks Dan) noticed the device in the background.

It isn’t the Galaxy S III, it surely isn’t the Note II, but it looks a lot like the recent leaks of a Galaxy Note 8.0 — or basically just a giant smartphone. The folks from SammyHub are reporting that this appears to be the Note 8.0 leaked on accident, but we still have our doubts.

It’s worth noting you can clearly see the dedicated home button, as well as on-screen navigation buttons on the bottom left which would make sense for a tablet. Either Samsung made a mistake adding that to the Garnet Red release image, or this is just someone teasing us. I’m hoping the bezel will be a lot smaller than that eye-sore, but we’ll have to wait for MWC where we’re hopeful they’ll announce and unveil the new slate. Stay tuned for more details.