While the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has received mostly favorable reviews and is considered to be one of, if not the best phablets around, one thing that was met with criticism (or rather, bewilderment) is the fact that the OEM decided not to release it in Europe. It was the first time that the Note series would not be available in that market, and fans from that region were hugely disappointed. But according to a source, that could all change as the Note 5 might actually be available there by early next year.

While Samsung has not made any plans or course of action for their Galaxy Note 5 available, an “industry source” claims that as early as January 2016, the phablet will be offered through local carriers in Romania. And if there is any truth to this rumor, then this may very well signal that it will eventually be offered in other European countries as well.

Last August, there were some reports that they saw the Galaxy Note 5 in the official local website of Samsung in some European countries. A Korean website even posted that the launch will be on August 28. Well, that day has come and gone, but the phablet is still not found in any of the countries in the region. The official stand is still no Note 5 there, so those who are excited to get one, don’t get your hopes up.

Probably the reason behind the non-availability in Europe is because Samsung wants to sell the Note 5 where in markets where previous Note phablets were doing well. For Europe, they wanted to push the almost similar Galaxy S6 Edge+. The only difference is that it doesn’t have the trademark S Pen of the Note series, which may be a good thing after the S Pen controversy.

VIA: GSM Arena