Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at an event earlier in the month. The handset saw plenty of rumors in the lead up to that announcement, and as Samsung and the carriers were pretty forthcoming in terms of specs and release details — those rumors had come to an end. But it looks like they have kicked-off once again. The rumors are touching back on a Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display.

This was an item that had been rumored in the lead up to the official announcement, but as we learned, that was not something that was announced. Well, it now looks like rumors are suggesting that Samsung will be releasing another variant of the Galaxy Note 3 in October and this time around it will have the flexible display technology.

Anyway, as we often find with rumors, the details are on the light side at this time. Basically, what we are seeing is coming out of Korea and suggesting that Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible OLED as early as October. Further details suggest the handset will only be produced in limited quantities though.

There was no mention of other specs with talk of the flexible display model, however with a handset that is expected to debut next month — the rumors should be ending soon enough. Similar to the limited quantities, we would expect this variant of the Note 3 to also be available in limited markets. With that, we still have a few weeks before this handset is rumored to be announced, which really just means that more rumors are likely.

VIA: G for Games

SOURCE: chosun