Before Samsung announced their Galaxy Note 3 earlier this month there was countless reports regarding multiple different models in the works. At one point rumors suggested four different variants, but after their event we only saw two. The quad-core Snapdragon 800 powered LTE flavor, and Samsung’s own 8-core version. However, two more might actually still be coming.

This morning we reported on rumors that a third Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still in the works with a flexible AMOLED display. A technology we all were hoping to see at some point this year, after Samsung has shown it off multiple years in a row at the annual CES event in Las Vegas.

While the thought of a flexible AMOLED packing Note 3 is nice, what sounds even better is a wallet-friendly model for those on a budget. Following the reports this morning, further talks have mentioned an entry level LCD Galaxy Note 3 coming in much cheaper than the original, or the rumored flexible option.


We’re hearing it will house more plastic for the body, lose the fancy leather-like design on the rear, and opt for an 8 megapixel camera and a cheaper 720p LCD display. All of this saving Samsung 20-30% in cost, which will then trickle down to consumers.

Make it also waterproof, like the Galaxy S4 Active, and we’ll have something worth talking about. Otherwise, it looks like a potential budget-friendly Note 3 would only launch later this year in emerging markets, and probably never see a US carrier. We’ll have to wait and see.