Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Series Concept Phone 2021

Samsung is forever busy. It has started working on its premium flagship devices due next year. The Galaxy S21 series will be announced earlier than the usual schedule. Several details have been leaked and uncovered but we have yet to consider them as official. Samsung has the last say so we will take things with a pinch of salt until the South Korean tech giant goes public. Aside from the Galaxy S21, we have also mentioned the Galaxy Note 21. The latter will be the premium flagship series from Samsung for the second half of the year.

We haven’t really mentioned anything further about the next-gen Galaxy Note. We remember saying the Galaxy S21 may come with S Pen before the Galaxy Note 21. The latter will still arrive with the stylus but that is all we have. When it comes to Samsung flagships, it’s never too early for rumors, leaks, and speculations but then maybe it is just too early.

One of our fave tech leaksters, Ice universe (@UniverseIce) has shared an unusual clue: There is currently no information on the development of the Note21 series.

That is all. No clue about the development of the premium smartphone from Samsung. We believe though that one may run on Android 11 out of the box with One UI 3.0 but will be updated to Android 12 and One UI 4.0 eventually.

The Galaxy Note 20 series was introduced only a few months ago. It may be really too early because Samsung is presently focusing on the Galaxy S21. Or maybe Samsung doesn’t really have plans to release a Galaxy Note 21? That is a possibility. What do you think?