Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series

The question if there will still be a next Galaxy Note is always asked. This year, more than ever, the question is being asked more frequently. Rumor has it that the Galaxy Note 20 will be the last. It was something we’ve heard several times and we believed more related discussions will be opened in the next few months. The year 2020 has brought a lot of changes and adjustments in almost all sectors, industries, businesses, and professions. Samsung may need to be rethinking its marketing strategy for next year.

Will Samsung discontinue the Galaxy Note line? We can’t say for certain but a Galaxy Note 21 is still expected next year. Of course, things can still change but we find it interesting that the Galaxy S21 is also said to arrive with the S Pen.

Now, that is a more interesting development. Stylus compatibility is important because it makes the Galaxy S phone a more powerful device especially for productivity. The most premium model of the Galaxy S21, at least, will have the S Pen mounted on the rear.

Samsung may be testing the functionality plus see it’s marketability before it decides to discontinue the Galaxy Note line. The next-gen Galaxy S phone is codenamed ‘Unbound’. It is said to come in three variants: regular, Plus, and the Ultra. It can be assumed the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have an S Pen.

The mobile market will be interesting next year. A number of OEMs have started to rethink their business plans and strategy due to low sales this year due to the pandemic. Standards are being changed all over the world. We know more people will still buy smartphones but the market will be more competitive than ever.

Samsung sells about ten million Galaxy Note phones each year while the Galaxy S sells about three times that number. In the future, we may possibly see a Galaxy Z Fold with an S Pen. A foldable phone with stylus compatibility? Now that is something to look forward to.


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