It seems that Samsung is finally realizing that it needs to build a whole ecosystem around its Galaxy Gear smartwatch instead of limiting compatibility to one or even two devices. Now the device manufacturer is mulling over adding connectivity options for Smart TVs as well.

As one of the few, but definitely not the only one, to first come out with a consumer-ready smartwatch, it was somewhat expected that the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was unveiled just last month, would a be a bit rough around the edges. Launching together with the Galaxy Note 3, it was also expected that there would be some special relationship between the two Android-powered devices. It was, however, disappointing to learn that the Galaxy Gear would work exclusively with the S Pen phablet only. Or at least that was the plan back then.

Samsung has slowly been revising that strategy and reports of additional compatible devices have surfaced, so far including only the latest Galaxy S 4 flagship, as well as last year’s models, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. And now, according to Samsung director of product marketing Ryan Bidan, the company is looking into the possibility of pairing the smartwatch up with its line of Smart TVs in two key areas: remote control and health.

The Galaxy Gear already does these things, albeit limited to the Galaxy Note 3 as mentioned. The device can act as a pedometer which feeds its data to the smartphone and it will probably function the same way with Samsung’s Smart TVs. With the company’s own S Health app and service, which recently gained some gamification features, the combo could, to some extent, be a sort of Wii Fit alternative in the living room. And, of course, the Galaxy Gear could be used as a remote control for the TV as well.


Bidan, however, implied that the features might be limited in order not to dilute the user experience. The Smart TV compatibility seems to still be in the planning stages, so Samsung isn’t giving out much details like dates or compatible Smart TV models. In the meantime, you can read up on our Galaxy Gear review roundup to see if the device is worth picking up, presuming of course you have one of the supported devices already.

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  1. So, us Galaxy Ace, or any of the slightly older model, users aren’t supported. I’m not going to go out and buy a whole new phone just so I can use it with the watch. Way to discriminate against users, Samsung.

  2. I hate that Samsung are following the Apple ecosystem model. I would never have a samsung mobile device because of Touchwiz and the hardware aesthetics, but I have one of their beautiful smart TVs. Unfortunately, all the cool second screen integration is limited to Samsung mobile devices. Which is really annoying and making me think that I should have stuck with a manufacturer who is willing to partner more widely.


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