This isn’t the first time we have heard talk of a smartwatch coming from Samsung. In fact, the watch has been tipped as the Galaxy Gear and once again rumors and leaks have us looking towards September 4th for an announcement. This latest round is arriving by way of Bloomberg who are reporting that Samsung will “introduce a wristwatch-like device named the Galaxy Gear next month.”

These details have yet to be confirmed by Samsung and instead are coming by way of “people familiar with the matter.” According this report, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Gear during an event on September 4th, which is a few days before IFA officially kicks off in Berlin. Further details point towards this wristwatch-like device being able to make calls, send and receive email and also surf the web.

While some details have been rumored, it looks like there is still quite a bit to learn about the Galaxy Gear. The watch looks like it will be powered by Android, however unlike some of the other smartwatches already available, this one is looking like it will function independently of the smartphone. Or in other words, the Galaxy Gear should be able to get incoming alerts and even make calls without being paired to a smartphone in your pocket or bag.

Despite some of the earlier rumors suggesting the Galaxy Gear would arrive sporting a flexible display — it doesn’t look like that will be the case. Details from this latest report include how Samsung is “continuing to work on developing a bendable screen” but that it will not be included on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Aside from the Galaxy Gear, Samsung is also expected to announce the Galaxy Note III during this same event.

As far as the Galaxy Note III goes — there has been plenty of rumor and speculation. One of the more recent reports has the Note III arriving with a few processor options. These are expected to include the Exynos 5 Octa 8-core and the Snapdragon 800. Other still rumored specs point towards the handset having 3GB of RAM, a 5.68-inch 1080p display and running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

With that, September 4th is looking like it will be a busy day in the mobile world. Not only do we expect goodies from Samsung, but also from Sony.