The folks from Samsung are diving head first into the photography world lately. Well, diving into the mobile photography world running Android. Last year the Galaxy Camera and its 16.3 megapixel shooter was impressive, and this morning they announced a similar Samsung GALAXY S 4 Zoom smartphone with a huge 16.3 megapixel lens attached to the bottom. Now we’re hearing their improved and “mirrorless” Galaxy Camera 2 will be unveiled next week.

We know Samsung is working on a mirrorless smart camera that will be running Android. We’ve also seen countless leaks and rumors that a Galaxy Camera 2 is in the works. Just last week some sample photos were spotted showing a Samsung Camera rocking a 20.9 megapixel lens on board, and chances are that will be the device being mentioned today.

Samsung’s upcoming event in London on June 20th is set to announce a few new “Galaxy” devices, and with today’s announcement of the S 4 Zoom that only leaves a few mid-range phones and the Galaxy Camera 2 for June 20th. Even more interesting is today’s report from Korea’s DDaily claiming the device will be announced, then available in mid July.

We can’t confirm those reports but Digital Daily in Korea has been correct in the past with many reports regarding Samsung products. Until the folks from Sammy confirm the details up on stage this is just a rumor, but it looks like we’ll be seeing the Galaxy Camera 2 on June 20th. Then we’ll be able to purchase the 21 megapixel powerhouse Android-powered camera in July. Stay tuned all you mobile photography aficionados.

VIA: SamMobile