A video crashed the web yesterday with what people were calling a Samsung anti-Apple flashmob campaign that was staged outside of a large Apple store in Australia. I’m sure you saw the news and if not you’ll want to see video below. In a turn of events Samsung has came out this afternoon and directly denied any involvement in the situation — Samsung Australia at least.

After our sister site SlashGear reached out to Samsung they received a quick and short answer from them that was direct and right to the point. Here’s what they had to say:

”Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up Campaign”

This situation instantly had people taking to Twitter saying nothing but negative things about Samsung. Calling them “childish” and “out of line”. The previous videos calling iPhone buyers iSheep while promoting the Galaxy S III were one thing, but this was taking it too far. Or was it? When the flashmob of dozens of black-clad men and women holding “Wake Up” signs begin chanting outside of the Apple store I instantly was extremely surprised anyone from Samsung would sign off on this, and apparently they didn’t.

For now, it’s unclear who planned or arranged the anti-Apple flashmob, or if we’ll ever find out. The man behind the video, Blunty3000 was in the right place at the right time, or maybe he knows more than he’s telling. What do you guys, the readers think of the video below? Was this just one of many attacks as of late and not a big deal? Or was this taking things too far?


  1. I’m thinking that Samsung quickly distanced themselves from the campaign after they saw how it backfired.

    Probably this was thought up and driven by their ad company so Samsung can have plausible deniability when asked if this was their idea.    

    •  Sammy already denied that they had anything to do with this campaign. Do you have any proof that they are lying?

      Besides, apple is the new “evil empire” and i wouldn’t mind being one of the protesters if it was held here in the states.

      • apple is the new “evil empire”

        Why?  Anti-Apple fanatics keep saying this, but never specify what evil Apple is doing that other tech companies aren’t also doing.

        And, Samsung, the way to get new customers isn’t to insult the people you’re hoping to attract.

      •  Apple continues to treat the chinese workers at foxconn like trash. Labor conditions there were so bad that many of the workers resorted to protests and some even went on hunger strikes.

        Apple makes billions each year yet, they refuse to pay living wages for people who have very little to start with. If you are open-minded enough, i suggest you do a little research on their labor practices especially at foxconn.

      • All the tech companies use Foxconn.  Why are you singling out Apple?  I agree working conditions need to be improved, but it’s strange to pretend that Apple’s the only one doing this. It makes it look like your only goal is to specifically make Apple look bad, rather than to help the workers.

  2. I am 100% sure this flash mob is NOT related to Samsung


    Domain Name: Wake-up-australia.com.au
    IP Address:
    IP Location: UK
    Registrant: New Dialogue Pty Limited
    Registrant ID: ABN 25111086938
    >> The domain is NOT owned by Samsung.
    Currently, 723198 secs remain.

    The end time is : 6 May 2012 14:59:59
    The Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date is 3 May 2012.
    3 Days after Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date.
    Wait and see. What will happen its website.

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