Samsung, fresh from its revitalized conquering of the smartphone world through the Samsung Galaxy S6, seems again ready to take on the world. On its sights now is the enterprise segment of devices, currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. Samsung may be planning to shake up that market a bit with a new idea for a device – a netbook which has a dock for a phablet, dual OS, dual purpose.

The idea is this, that a phablet – say a Galaxy Note device – will naturally run Android while on smartphone mode. When it docks with the netbook frame, the phablet switches to Windows OS – maybe even Windows 10 – and the phablet shall serve as the main processing unit for the netbook frame, even serving as the touchpad of the netbook in one configuration.


Now this will entail a few things. First, that the phablet’s specs will be robust enough to run dual OS. Second, that Samsung and Microsoft will get along and run with this. But if you’ve noticed, they already have – beginning with Microsoft apps being featured in the Samsung Galaxy S6. On the hardware side, we might be beginning to see processors and chipsets that are quite capable of this as well.


What Samsung is planning, is to leverage on a physical keyboard and possibly a better screen on the netbook shell, something that the Apple iPad can’t beat. Apple may actually be resolving that with a new partnership with IBM, and so we see Samsung teaming up with Microsoft at around the same time. Strap in folks, this one is going to get interesting.

VIA: Patently Mobile



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