The venerable Nexus One is coming up on its second birthday (which is practically octogenarian by smartphone standards), but like the OG Droid, it’s still got its loyal users. Count ROM cook extraordinaire Peter Alfonso among them. He’s begun supporting the Nexus One with new nightly builds of his self-branded series of Gingerbread ROMs.

Previously Alfonso supported the original Motorola Droid, the Motorola XOOM tablet and the Samsung Nexus S. The Google-branded Nexus One will be his first HTC device, with hopefully more to come like the very similar Droid Incredible or Desire. Alfonso began his work on the “Passion” (the codename for the HTC hardware) just a few days ago, meaning the project is still very much in nightly form. Nexus One users who are happy with their current custom ROM may want to hold off for a week or two before trying it out.

The adventurous among you can head over to Peter Alfonso’s website to check out the latest builds of “Peter Alfonso Gingerbread” for the Passion. Given his previous work, Alfonso is likely to update the ROM every day or so, so keep an eye on the download page. And remember, you lords of the custom recovery: be sure to keep a Nandroid backup handy.

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