It appears that longtime Droid-only ROM and Kernel developer Peter Alfonso has finally come over to the Samsung side to create a version of his Droid build “GPA17” for Samsung’s Nexus S 4G. This ROM will be released soon, but for now you’ll be adventuring through some nightly builds one by one, helping Alfonso with his developing of said ROM until it’s ready for full release. Check out the sweet new flavors!

Inside this new ROM there are a few performance tweaks and bug fixes which you can follow piece by piece on Alfonso’s GitHub, this being a social coding site for developers to show each-other how awesome they are by pushing each end every update they make as they make it to the community. At the moment, this ROM will only be working on the “4G” variant of the Samsung Nexus S, but Alphonso plans on releasing the T-Mobile and AT&T versions in the future as well.

Inside this ROM you’ll find the following features:

• 180 degree rotation
• Overclockable to 1.4GHz
• Voodoo support
• Updated wifi driver
• CPU Toolkit
• FLAC audio support
• Native 3G tethering
• Ad-hoc network support
• Facebook sync
• Reboot option
• Modified widget picker
• And more!

Some tips Alphonso has for the installation of this ROM are as follows: upon initial installation of this rom, you should instantly wipe data and cache. Next, when a new build becomes available, you’ll only have to wipe your dalvik cache. Included in this build is Alphonso’s custom kernel spoken about earlier, and as a bonus tip, Alphonso notes that if you downclock your device to 800MHz with the CPU Toolkit, you’ll notice little to no difference in performance but will notice a BIG bump in battery life.

Take a look at Alphonso’s site for additional tips and check out his Nightly listing at