The OG Droid as some call it is in fact the original Motorola Droid that was hugely popular over on Verizon. I still see the Droid more than almost any other Android I think. If you have rooted or toyed with your Droid most likely you know the name Peter Alfonso, he is the man that has been keeping the Droid chugging along for a while. With stock rooted Android 2.3 builds as well as all the different kernels you could ever imagine.

Just released over at is his newest list of Droid Kernels. It has been over 2 months since he has released a kernel for the OG Droid so I’m sure there are a few users that have been patiently waiting. He explains everything and what they all mean very neatly for everyone to understand.

You can push the limits and overclock like crazy or run a stock speed undervolted kernel to get great battery life, he covers them all. You can look through all of his work and find what you need but as always be careful and know what you are doing. Flashing kernels, roms or doing any heavy overclocking can lead to a dead phone if not done right so use caution, but you knew that already right?

[via Peter Alfonso]