Samsung has been anticipated to launch a phone with a flexible display. We know the South Korean tech giant was granted a patent for a flexible OLED display back in November 2016. The idea of a folding phone is nothing new but we have yet to see a device that has a fully functional display that can flex and work like any ordinary smartphone screen.

Samsung already has the rollable OLED display but we know it’s not perfect yet. We’ll get to see this tech at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas and maybe at the SID 2018 that will be held in May. The rollable display is actually a flexible display that can be rolled into a scroll. Imagine an electronic scroll for a smartphone in the future–no more bulk devices, only a thin device you can fold or roll and then put in your pocket.

The patented Samsung flexible display panel can be curled around a metallic body. There are magnets so the display can easily attach to the body. We can’t tell if it’s a cylindrical or a square body but it doesn’t matter as long as the display can be rolled. The magnets will be responsible to keep things in place and keep them depending on the length or width direction of the panel.

There’s also the idea that the display will have a fingerprint sensor. It makes sense because such technology that is able to display data and images need to be secured all the time. The sensor needs to be integrated or embedded on the flexible display panel to keep data secure.

VIA: LetsGoDigital


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