Waking up from a seemingly long slumber, Roku‘s mobile app has just been updated with a new coating. But more than just external beauty, the new app also boasts of some new features that, though not earth-shattering, should provide more convenience to users.

In this visual refresh, Roku has gone all black, eschewing the gray tones of the previous versions. The app still keeps shades of purple here and there to maintain affinity with Roku’s branding. Also gone are the tabs and all purple top navigation bar, giving the app a more unified and flatter look.

In terms of functionality, the update brings in more flexibility in terms of how users can discover new content. For one, they will now be able to search directly on their mobile devices. From there, they can pretty much dig deeper into related information, like searching for movies that also star a certain actor. What’s more, users can immediately start playing on any Roku player without having to log in. Of course, you still need to log in if you want to access the Roku Channel Store.

Roku remains a great option for streaming content, but it might be facing tougher times ahead. Google’s Chromecast has formally expanded its reach beyond the US. And Amazon has once again been the subject of rumors that put a streaming and gaming box or dongle in the retailer’s hands. This update might not exactly entice new users but it should at least keep current owners happy.

Download: Roku on Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear