Verizon and Snapdragon just announced that Android phones on Verizon will be the first to get access to Rigonauts. The new game, developed by Engient, will be exclusive to Verizon customers for a two-week period from 10/9 through 10/23. After that, the game will be available on the Google Play app store for everyone. The game is Snapdragon optimized, so it will only work on devices with these types of processors installed.

The game is a strategy game where players build ships outfitted with armor and all kinds of weapons. The game features over 30 levels, and it requires players to optimize their ships in order to make it through the game. According to Qualcomm, “The game will show off the best in class technologies driving capabilities of inside Snapdragon processors.”

Some devices that can play this new game include the Motorola Droid Razr M, the Samsung Galaxy S III, and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Snapdragon has a device finder that will show you all Verizon devices with Snapdragon processors. If your device is not compatible, two-weeks is a short time to wait.

The game looks promising, so even if you don’t own a Verizon device, it looks worth checking out when it hits other devices in two-weeks. It sells for $2.99 and looks like it has enough gameplay to keep hardcore and casual gamers happy.

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[via Qualcomm]