CNBC is reporting that Amazon does indeed have a smartphone lined up for launch, and will be announcing it this Summer. Via Twitter, they note the device will be announced in June, well ahead of a September release. Further details suggest 3D aspirations, which is something we’ve heard before from Amazon.

According to CNBC, the screen will support 3D images without the need for special glasses or other trickery. They do not note the size of the screen, nor do they mention resolution. A link to CNBC’s page only gives a placeholder for an article, and no content in tow.

News of an amazon smartphone doesn’t surprise us, as we’ve heard it before in one way or another. First it was three seperate devices, then a phone that could alter screen orientation or scan objects for purchase. Wild rumors abound, but we’re still left without an Amazon smartphone.

We’re not told if it’s Kindle branded, what the price will/could be, or if it’s only being sold to Prime members. If so, it would likely have to be unlocked, which could cut out the likes of Verizon and Sprint. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has been showing the device off in San Francisco and Seattle of late. They also back up earlier claims of four cameras to track your eye movement, and that the 3D screen will make images appear as holograms.

It sounds far too ambitious to be Amazon, so we’ll temper our enthusiasm for an official launch. We’re also concerned about pricing for such a robust device, with 3D screens and retina tracking. Amazon s keen on offering low-cost devices, and what’s being described is likely nothing close to that.

Source: CNBC, The Wall Street Journal