Google RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging is relatively new but Google is determined to make it a standard and as common as iMessage on iOS. Android has the equivalent Messages app that we know is being supported by Verizon. It started on the Pixel 3 and is expected to be available on all Android phones. The last we mentioned was that RCS would be ready on Android devices before the year-end of 2019.

Rich Communication Services or RCS allows for a more seamless messaging on Android. It is not only for smartphones but it can be accessed from the desktop. It also integrates with the Google Assistant so it can provide users suggestions and allow searching through the messages.

Conversations can be seamless. The Android development team has upgraded the SMS text messaging with features. Chat with RCS is possible now over WiFi or mobile data, allowing you to send and receive videos and photos. You can also see if the other party has received the message. Group chats are allowed where you can add people, name groups, and more.

RCS has been available for some Android users. Messages are said to be better. This week, Google is rolling out the chat features to a wider audience in the United States. Check the Messages app and see what you can do with the conversations. Before 2019 is over, expect more Android users will get to enjoy the features.

Google has been doing numerous efforts to step up messaging. It aims to allow RCS implementation on all Android phones as we reported earlier. The same chat features have been enabled in Mexico, France, and the United Kingdom earlier this year. More regions are expected to receive the upgrades in the next few weeks or months. If you are on Verizon, you may want to check your smartphone and see if you can take advantage of RCS Messaging. It should be ready now.


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