We wrote about some of Razer’s gaming products being made available in the Google Play Store a while back, particularly the company’s Android TV console called Razer Forge TV and the Razer Serval gaming controller. We were wondering particularly about the Forge TV, because it competed directly with the Nexus Player, which was Google’s own product (made by ASUS). Now the competition is out of the Play Store.

The Razer Forge TV gaming bundle, sold at the Google Play Store which also included one unit of the Serval controller – which was listed at USD$149 – is now marked as “not available” at the online store. Even the listing for the single item Serval controller (USD$79.00) is also marked as not available.


For options within the Google Play Store, you can try the Nexus Player priced at USD$99.00 and the separate Gamepad for the Nexus Player, which is being sold at a cheaper USD$39.99. Looks like Google wants to make sure that the low end Android TV console crowd browsing in the Play Store will only have the Nexus Player as an option.

For the higher-end crowd, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console – probably the most powerful Android device you can get your hands on these days in terms of pure processing and graphics power – is still being sold at the Play Store for USD$199.99.

SOURCE: Google Play Store