If you’re a big time gamer on mobile or Android TV and you’re looking for a gaming controller to give you better accuracy, timing and jumps on those pesky fighting games, shooters, and endless runners, you better invest in a good one. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Razer, such a hip and cool name in all things gaming, and their great new Android gaming controller – the Razer Serval – is now available via the Google Play Store.


The Razer Serval controller was launched together with the Razer Forge TV console in January of this year, with Razer hoping that you will match your Forge TV purchase with one (or two) of these new Servals. But the beauty of the Razer Serval controller is that it was designed to be used for gaming with mobile devices as well – it has a dedicated housing for your mobile device when you feel like its game time anywhere you are, even on the go.


You can also use it with any Android TV console (not just the Razer Forge TV) if you happen to have one and lack a good gaming controller. Your device or Android TV console should be running Android 4.2 or better for the Razer Serval to work.


Pricing via the Google Play Store is at USD$79.00 with free shipping. If you’re the mobile gaming type, this would surely be worth the money. Plus, you can trust Razer to be competent enough to put out great gaming accessories.

SOURCE: Google Play Store