For those that saw Qualcomm‘s Born Mobile keynote at CES this year, you probably have a good idea at what is coming below. For those who didn’t, get ready to see the chip maker pull out all the stops. Basically the folks from Qualcomm have released a series of awesome videos from a local bus stop, showing that this mobile generation will head to a webpage while waiting for the bus. What comes after that will surprise you all.

What it all comes down to is Qualcomm replaced the maps at a local bus stop with a link for passerby’s and those waiting to check out. Giving them the option to wait for the bus, or get to their destination in a hurry. Those that were ‘born mobile’ were more inclined to visit the site, and choose to get to their destination in a hurry rather than waiting. Then here’s where the fun starts.

Sled dogs, cute blondes driving bright yellow Lamborghini’s, limo vans filled with puppies and everything else in-between. The videos are completely off-topic in a sense, but wonderful at the same time. It shows that people really do visit webpages while sitting around at the bus stop. We really are living in a new breed of born mobile people. No more talking, enjoy the first of many crazy videos below.

I guess what it all comes down to here is that Qualcomm has recognized this is a born mobile world these days, and we all want things faster. Faster than a bus by taking a Lambo to work, and faster web pages by using Qualcomm Snapdragon enabled smartphones with blazing fast 4G LTE. The new HTC One announced today is powered by Qualcomm, and it certainly will be getting things done faster than usual.

Here’s my favorite video of them all first, but we’ll post all of these outrageous clips anyways for you all to enjoy. Take from them what you will…

If you thought ads couldn’t get any crazier, we’ve certainly seen it all with these. I guess in the end we are all born mobile these days. That and certainly enjoy things being better, faster, and fun. We’ll be seeing plenty of Qualcomm and their new Snapdragon 600 and 800 series next week in Spain for Mobile World Congress, so stay tuned for all the news.


  1. I suspect the bus company may not be too happy about losing business to spontaneous carpools or whatever. Too bad.


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