Qualcomm Snapdragon Huawei

Huawei is still not out of the dark. We don’t think things will get better for the top Chinese OEM. It still is on top of the mobile game but a lot of things may change as several companies have cut ties with Huawei. The US trade ban has affected not just Huawei but also other firms in the US and even those outside of the country but are using American technology. The latest we heard was that Huawei will be allowed to do non-5G business deals with chipmakers including Qualcomm.

Huawei has been working to change its business strategy. The trade ban’s effects will be felt soon so the Chinese tech giant has started to look for suppliers and new technologies as alternative solutions. As for Qualcomm, the company is now believed to have been given permission to work with Huawei.

Huawei is said to be selling off Honor unit to the Shenzhen government. There is no official confirmation or announcement but we believe Qualcomm will be able to supply Huawei. This means apart from Mediatek, Huawei has another provider.

Qualcomm selling off processors to Huawei is good news. It’s more like a rumor for now but the idea is something we want to happen. That’s actually all a company needs–a permission to supply to Huawei.

Neither Huawei nor Qualcomm has given an official statement. We’re just excited about the possibility. Huawei can still remain in the mobile game if it has access to all the necessary supplies.