Pushbullet has just announced an update that is sure to delight fans of the file pushing, notification mirroring, and, as of last week, universal copy/pasting utility. The developers have expanded their “reply to SMS from the desktop” feature they announced last June to support Android messaging apps other than EvolveSMS.

Pushbullet started out as a way to easily push files from an Android device to a computer and vice versa. Over time, it has evolved into a more generic “pushing” framework, letting you push files to your contacts, “push” notifications from your phone to your PC or laptop. Then last June, the developers revealed one of the most interesting new features of the app: letting you reply to SMS right from the PC notification itself so you won’t have to reach out for your smartphone just for a quick reply.

Unfortunately, at that time you can only have that feature if you were using EvolveSMS as your default messaging app. They added support for other apps as well, but always in piecemeal. Well, not anymore. With the latest version of Pushbullet, any messaging app that is set as the Android default will support this quick reply feature. So whether you are using stock, your OEM’s app, or Hangouts, you will be able to take advantage of that as well. Here’s the video announcement from June in case you forgot how well it works.

One caveat though is that on the PC side, it seems that the functionality still only works with the Chrome browser extension. So those using Firefox as their browser of choice will, for the meantime, be left out of the fun. That’s true, and even worse, for the standalone Windows app that is still in an experimental stage, as it doesn’t even have some core functionality, like notification mirroring.

Download: Pushbullet on Google Play Store, Chrome Web Store
SOURCE: Pushbullet