In an age where most people deal with multiple screens while at work or even for leisure, integrating and mirroring notifications on your various devices is becoming even more important. Pushbullet has been a pioneer in this area and now they are partnering with EvolveSMS to bring this feature to a higher level.

While Pushbullet lets you read and dismiss notifications from your phone or tablet on your desktop, what’s missing is the ability to respond to SMS messages from your computer. With this integration with EvolveSMS, you can now save yourself the trouble of picking up your device just to answer a text while you’re busy working on an important document on your desktop. You can reply directly from there using the PushBullet app and it will send it back to Evolve on your phone or tablet.

However, it’s not yet available for everyone else. You need to be part of the Google Plus community of EvolveSMS (using the 1.8.0 Beta 1 version) and the Pushbullet community as well (on the 14.3 beta version) to try out this integrated feature. You will also need to update your Pushbullet chrome extension to the latest version to be able to enjoy this integration.

The new version of EvolveSMS also has other features that will be added in the future. You will soon be able to look at your recent conversations when writing a new message. They will also be fixing the previous bugs and improve GIF viewing as well as several speed enhancements.

SOURCE: +JakobKlinker