Android Pushbullet for iPad Mac Safari

We all know how useful the Pushbullet app is but it’s not available for every device just yet. The Pushbullet development team has been busy working on new versions and updates to bring the app to more people all over the world. Last month, the Windows version was updated to make sending SMS easier. Before that, more interesting updates have been added to the Android app as well: Quick action support, Universal Copy and Paste, Material Design and improved navigation, subscribing to Channels, Play Store program, and Notification Mirroring among others. When it comes to crossing-over different platforms, Pushbullet is trying it’s very best to reach Apple and looks like it’s gonna be successful soon.

With the release of Yosemite and the new iOS 8, Pushbullet gets closer with the Apple ecosystem. Finally, you can now pair your Android device with your Mac, iPhone, and Safari. Not that a lot of our readers are Mac fans but it’s good to know that Pushbullet, originally for Android, is now ready for Apple.  You can share photos and send files and links without going out of an app.

Pushbullet now also works on the iPad or the iPhone. Share a file or link using the Universal Copy & Paste or the share extension. For those who use Mac, the Pushbullet Mac App is now ready for download. This one also allows notifications, sending files, viewing of pushes, drag-and-drop files, and notification mirroring to iOS. This also means notification are always synced with your smartphone.

Last but not the least, Pushbullet is also now ready for Safari. Pushbullet’s latest extension for Safari. Once enabled, right-click on a link to send to any of your Android devices. So from Android to Windows to Mac, I wonder where Pushbullet will go next.

SOURCE: Pushbullet