Pushbullet has become the latest to launch a Play Store beta program. Simply put, this means you can now sign up (through Google+) and begin getting access to upcoming beta releases of the Pushbullet app. This could mean the occasional bug, but it also means you’ll be getting an early look at new features.

The beta program is already active, and users are able to move forward and join right now. The process is just like what we’ve seen with other Play Store beta programs. That is to say you will need to join the Pushbullet Beta community on Google+ then opt-in and download the app from the Play Store.

Here are those steps with some convenient links.

To further clarify here, you will need to follow those steps in order and first join the Google+ community — or else the remaining links will not work. Otherwise, the first beta release for Pushbullet is on the smaller side and will give users the option to remove devices and contacts with a long press.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: +Pushbullet