Google Project Tango Tabler Development Kit 5

Google’s Project Tango Tablet Development Kit is finally available to all. Project Tango has started shipping to developers only last November soon after being listed on the Google Play Store. Half a year later, Google opens the development kit to everyone but with a premium price. It’s currently available with a $512 price tag.

The Project Tango Kit is for those professional developers or simply anyone who are interested in mobile 3D motion and depth sensing. If you think you can build something from the kit, go ahead and spend for the tablet. This will allow you to utilize 3D motion and feature tracking to track full three-dimensional motion and environmental features. It also allows integrated depth sensing by generating a point cloud of the environment using structured light depth sensing as described by Google.

The tablet boasts of a 4GB RAM, 128GB built-in storage, and an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. This device has been designed to bring augmented reality with the use of Motion Tracking, Depth Perception, and Area Learning to mobile devices. The Tablet Development Kit allows you to create apps that uses depth sensing and 3D motion. (Who knows, the next app you’ll be developing with the kit will make you a millionaire.)

Included in the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit is a tablet, micro USB cable, mini-dock, and a USB charging unit.

SOURCE: Google