The awaited day has finally arrived and NVIDIA SHIELD owners can now get their hands on Valve’s hit titles. The native Android ports of Portal and Half-Life 2 are now available exclusively for the gaming handheld, albeit for a rather high price.

We’ve already known that these games were coming and even had a date for Portal’s arrival on the SHIELD handheld. We even had the chance to take it for a spin, which you can watch again in the video below. Half-Life 2 was also hinted to be coming soon, though no date was dropped. Luckily, the stars seem to have aligned for gamers as Valve and NVIDIA have dropped both games at the same time on Google Play Store.

If you’re an owner of an NVIDIA SHIELD, you are most likely a gamer and you are most likely already aware of what Portal and Half-Life 2 are and their status in the gaming world. Half-Life 2 is your quintessential first-person shooter. Portal, on the other hand, puts a slight twist on the genre. It’s still in first person and you still do shoot, but you shoot to open up pairs of portals in order to climb, jump, or even fall to your escape.

Android gamers who have not had the luck to own one of NVIDIA’s unique gaming devices are justified in being green with envy, as these two games are compatible only with the NVIDIA SHIELD, with chances of a wider availability quite slim. There is a price to pay, however, even for those who already own one. The games cost $9.99 each, with no in-app purchases hiding inside. That is definitely expensive when you compare it to most Android games, with or without IAPs, but this price tag seems to becoming a standard for high-quality, non-casual triple A titles that are finally making their way to Android.

Download: Portal, Half-Life 2 on Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear