It seems that Valve and NVIDIA‘s pairing will bear yet another fruit. The iconic first person shooter Half-Life 2 is teased to soon be making its way to Android, and it will be stopping by the SHIELD console first.

NVIDIA really gave Android gamers a huge gift with the SHIELD, a unique Android gaming device that continues to impress us. A handy handheld form factor, Android OS running underneath, the ability to stream PC games, and a continuous stream of updates. Can we ask for anything more? Actually, we can. We can ask for more games.

Just this week we got our hands on playing Valve’s Portal, one of the company’s popular titles. This isn’t just streaming the game running on a PC. This is Portal running on the SHIELD itself. The result is nothing less than impressive, taking the game out of the confines of the PC or your usual console box and dropping it right into your hands, almost literally. And now it’s that other Valve title’s turn. Many details are still unknown, but the fact that it will be coming is probably enough to cause fans’ hearts to skip a beat.

Portal for SHIELD is arriving on May 12, but Half-Life 2, definitely not yet. It is not yet known whether either titles will ever make their way to non-SHIELD Android devices, but, given how they’ve been ported in order to show off the Tegra 4’s might, that might not be likely. At least not in the very near future.

VIA: SlashGear