It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, time for a double-down app review. Last time we did this we had a Wallpaper Changer and a SPB Time App, and this time we’ve got two apps that are JUST as odd if not odder. First is Polygon Plummet, an extremely simple-looking game that requires that you follow several rules for each piece of the puzzle you’re meant to knock down in as few moves as possible, the other being Big Mountain Snowboarding, a game where you – you guessed it – snowboard down a mountain in classic fashion.

Before we go much further, let me tell you, as I tell you again in the video, that these apps are not your high-class Gameprom games, you wont find them listed amongst Adrenaline 6 and they don’t have Spiderman money. That said, they’ve got a lot of potential and, should you choose to download both of them for free, you’ll find yourself chipping away at the clock for quite some time trying to beat the entirety of both.

First let’s have a chat about Polygon Plummet. This is a game where you’ve got no time limit, a set of objects, rules attached to each of these objects, and the ability to burst them. What you’re aiming to do is get some blocks bursted, other blocks felled off the screen by knocking whatever is below it away, and the rest sitting pretty. Sound complicated? It certainly can be. You’ll spend 2 minutes on one level and 15 on the next. Get ready for some complications!

Then let’s have at Big Mountain Snowboarding. This is a game that you’ll recognize even if you’ve never played it. Every snowboarding game ever made looks essentially the same as this one, and with the ability to couch for speed, jump with a flick of your device, and spin back and forth and grab your board for some sweet tricks, you’ll be right at home instantly. The scope of this game appears quite large, that being its 3D rendering of mountains you’re traveling down, and you’ll have a lovely ol’ time crashing into rocks when you fall.

[vms bb01943234bce7bf8453]

Both of these games are free on the Android Market today, the BMSnowboarding game can be upgraded to a non-Lite version if you wish in the future, see them both here:
Polygon Plummet
Big Mountain Snowboarding LITE (free preview)
Big Mountain Snowboarding FULL VERSION $2.99

Have fun!

P.S. All of this is done on the Samsung DROID Charge on Verizon, a full review of which you can view from back in April. The Super AMOLED Plus just creeps back into your life when you’re not looking – watch out for that sweet LTE mang!