Let’s talk about two reviews at once. While it’s generally the policy here at Android Community to review one app at a time, this set of apps is early. Both apps are in their first stages of release, and although they’ve both already been listed in the Android Market, you may notice a few bugs here and there. That said, both apps show great promise. The first is Wallpaper Changer, an app we found out about via the developer, j4velin, a frequenter of XDA developers and more than likely one of your good pals. The second is SPB Time, a diverse clock app which will be bringing you to the next level of time telling in 3D.

There’s one single video for both of these apps: why? Because you’ll want both of them, and in order to show you how well Wallpaper Changer works, we had to wait a minute because it’s got a timer that switches your wallpaper as infrequently as a minute apart from one another. Therefor in between switches, we decided to not just fiddle around, but to show you another app in the meantime!

Wallpaper Changer

This is an extremely simplistic app which allows you to use a single folder of images and flip between them based on several different kinds of criteria. The first of these is a time-based flipper. You can set intervals to essentially whatever you want, though you’ll probably want to stick within 60 minutes or so. Another way you can flip through wallpapers is with the tiny 1×1 tappable widget which selects a random wallpaper from your designated folder. Next is a lockscreen switch, flipping the wallpaper every time you wake up your phone.

Options include the ability to start and stop the changing, start on boot, and the ability to only flip wallpapers when you’re connected to a charger. You’re also able to add single wallpapers to a collection that is then held in-app. One thing you will have to watch out for is that your wallpapers are pre-cut or at least have the subject matter centered, as you do not get cropping selection as you would just adding a wallpaper from your built-in selector.

You can grab this app in the [Android Market]

SPB Time

This app is also on the market but does have quite a few bugs to still work out. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go attempt to download it to try it out. That said, it does cost $4.99 on the market, so use your conscience or the Force to guide your hand. This is an app that’s basically the king of all clock apps. You can tell time, keep time, set an alarm, switch your clock face, see times around the world; basically every different kind of clock app in one place and with some swanky 3D transitions between screens. This app comes from the same people that bring you SPB Shell 3D, a home screen replacement app that we’ve also reviewed in full. See this clock app in action in the video below right alongside Wallpaper Changer:

[vms 7572f3849aabd5666a4e]

Double Review Time!

Now I’ve got a question for you, the reader, since this was an experiment: with smaller, simpler apps like these, would you rather we continue to do a single post and a single video for each, or double up like this for double the flavor, double the fun?