I always knew that the demise of Flappy Bird would bring about a lot of copycats. We’ve lost count of how many Flappy Bird clones are out there: Retro Wings Flappy Plane Aces, Flopsy Droid, Endless Doves, and Fives among others. There’s a new one but the Polyganic is a bit different.

My first reaction when I opened the game was, “So eighties”. The 8-bit graphics and music of my childhood are used in the game but this is just a reverse Flappy Bird. Instead of tapping on the screen endlessly to pass through tubes, the main object here, the Polygon, must be avoided by the columns. You won’t move the flying polygon but you have to control the columns taking note of the speed, color, and difficulty on each level. It looks like an easy game because not much tapping is involved. Speed is required though so winning will really depend on how fast your fingers are. Don’t worry because there’s left- or right-handed mode so you can play more comfortably.

Gameplay also includes collectable coins, some multiplers, psychedelic visuals (dizzying actually), unlockable shapes, and different modes. The 8-bit graphics and chiptune are entertaining enough but this game really made me dizzy. Or maybe I’m just getting old…

Download Polyganic from the Google Play Store



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