Anyone who has played the Flappy Bird and was disappointed when it was pulled out would agree that there are far too many copycats out there. You see, a lot of Flappy Bird-like games have come out, perhaps hoping they’d be as successful as Dong Nguyen.

We don’t know exactly how many similar games are on the Play Store but new ones are being released almost every week. The latest of which is the ‘Retro Wings: Flappy Plane Aces’. The app developed by Bangkok-based 8-Bit Gamestudio is a follow up to the Retry Run and Retry Bird.

Playing Retro Wings: Flappy Plane Aces is very much similar to Flappy Birds. Still difficult but game controls are good so perhaps this time, you can finally go far. The game includes difficult tasks that must be completed, making it more challenging.

Can you make it farther than one or two obstacles? You can with Retro Wings. Alas, there is hope. Thanks to 8-Bit Gamestudio for improving game control. It’s expected after all, it’s the third app the developer has released with the same gameplay.

Maneuver that plane through worlds without crashing into the environment. Pass through the many obstacles and finish the increasingly hard levels. Actually, you only need to finish 200 meters to see if you’re good enough to fly Retro Wings. The 8-bit graphics are colorful and the music is interesting so it’s one fun gameplay.

Download Retro Wings from the Google Play Store

VIA: Droid Gamers