Pokemon GO players– the real avid fans out there must be familiar with all the updates of the game. Niantic and Nintendo are diligent in sending out updates that if you’re not fast in installing them, you will be out of loop of what’s new. We’ve seen most updates already including the last one where Nearby and Sightings features were added and Ditto now showing up randomly. Niantic also recently doubled the XP and Stardust to rebalance CP levels, and of course, the addition of more monsters.

Aside from Ditto, more Pokemon will be added. The devs said 100 new characters will be added. This means you can catch more creatures while enjoying the new features added. Interestingly, these new creatures are only within the game data.

The servers and app need to be updated first before you can see them. Looking at the code, there may be other major changes like player trading, pvp battles (player to player), and new ways to raise and train those creatures.

We’re looking forward to that Gen 2 of Pokemon. At this point, we have no idea when or how Niantic and Nintendo will officially unveil the new set of Pokemon. We’re curious to know if they will be released in one go or gradually. We hope to see this big update anytime soon.

VIA: SlashGear