Four months after its launch, Pokemon GO has broken a number of records in the mobile gaming industry. It’s one of the highly anticipated titles this 2016 ever since we learned about it last year. Official launch soon came and as some people say, the rest is history. Well, not yet. It’s only been months and even after the several updates and features added, the game still has a lot of potential.

We don’t know how many millions are actively playing these days but for the loyal trainers, the Pokemon GO developers are grateful for all the support. The team wants to say thanks by doubling XP and Stardust beginning tomorrow, November 23, until November 30 as part of the Thanksgiving celebration. When you complete those in-game actions, you will receive twice the usual amount you are getting.

The Pokemon GO team also made some adjustments to the combat power of various pocket monsters. Others will have their Combat Power increased. The likes of Gengar, Alakazam, and Rhydon will see their higher CP. Unfortunately for some, they will be lowered. The team said this is to balance and allow a more competitive training and fights within Gyms.

Devs plan on continuing to adjust Combat Power to further improve the game balance especially when there’s a need. Interestingly, some players and trainers are not happy with this. They thought at first it’s only a glitch but the developers already said they made changes to balance the Pokemon. Niantic is always all about fairness so its rebalancing the Combat Power, hoping to make the game fair for everyone.

Niantic didn’t provide any list but our friends over at SlashGear were able to gather information from helpful users. The result is a crowd-sourced guide that shows which characters have their Combat Power changed. CP either increased or decreased in level.


VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Pokemon GO, Pokemon Go Live