Pokemon GO

Pokemon UNITE is launching on Nintendo Switch very soon. Some of you may have probably tried the game as the beta version has been ready for a while now. The latest update on Pokemon GO is for those still into the game even after five years. The augmented reality game has since received a number of updates especially last year when the pandemic started. We remember a huge batch of updates back in November, AR Mapping tasks to some PokéStops, and more pandemic-triggered changes. Some have rolled back already while others remained.

There have been updates to the game so you could still play while inside the house. There were added features to let you play from home. A lot has changed since them but the Pokemon team still wants you and me to play the game outdoors.

Some of you may be brave enough to go outside, especially in areas where there are low cases of Covid. You can still play the game and enjoy meeting up with friends to battle or raid together.

You can continue to explore with friends. Niantic is introducing new exploration bonuses. This way, playing games outside your house can be more rewarding. In the coming months, expect bonuses for joining in-person raids or spinning stops. Some other bonuses include first catch of the day, Trainer Battle requirements, and GO Battle League.

The Pokemon GO team will introduce these changes and more to help people play safely. Pokémon GO has always been about exploration and movement in the real world. The pandemic isn’t over yet but Niantic knows it’s time to live in the New Normal.

Those in New Zealand and the United States can enjoy exploration bonuses at the end of July. Some bonuses include increased Incense effectiveness while on-the-go, two free Raid Passes each day from spinning Gym Photo Discs, and guaranteed gifts when spinning PokéStops. You can also get 10x bonus XP from spinning a PokéStop for the first time. Simply put, the more movement, the more bonuses.

Some bonuses introduced last year may be removed though. Some will be kept like Incense duration at 60 minutes, no walking requirement for GO Battle League, and remote challenge with a Trainer via a QR Code.


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