Worried that all this time spent at home will mean you can’t catch virtual monsters? Your favorite AR-based game Pokémon Go wants to help you enjoy your shelter-in-place time by bringing you features that will still let you advance in your quest to become the best that ever was. You will be able to raid at home and do some “field research” tasks without having to actually go outside and risk getting the coronavirus. This is just the latest in several changes that they’ve made to the game as people try to adjust to the “new normal”.

Previously, to participate in Raid Battles, you had to go to a specific spot where it’s “happening”. But since we’re all encouraged to just stay at home, you’ll still be able to participate by getting a Remote Raid Pass for 100 Pokécoins. You can join the battles you see on your Nearby screen or that which you can tap on your map. The Raid Battles can be joined by up to 20 trainers and if you complete it with the remote pass, it will count as part of any raid-related research tasks or achievement medals.

You will also now receive a daily bonus Field Research task and you don’t have to spin a Pokéstop to get it. The tasks will be focused on things you can complete from your home and is different from the usual Field Research tasks that you get. A fourth slot will open if you currently have a full house of tasks. But if all four slots are filled, you will not be able to receive your bonus task, which will be sent at midnight every day.

If you’re running low on gifts and of course you can’t go out to get more, your Buddy Pokémon will go to nearby Pokéstops to get some more for you. You’ll see a notification above its portrait every time it comes back with a gift for you. You will also now be able to activate more Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, or Incense before its time wears off, which means the usual 30-minute duration can be extended.

These new features will roll out over the next few days for Pokémon Go players. Expect them to bring more new things so that players will not forget the game even when they’re staying in their own homes.


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