When Pokemon Go first launched in 2016, it took the world by the storm – you could barely miss a player roaming around playing the game on the streets, every single day. The scenario changed for the free roam game as pandemic made the developers think out of their skins to keep it interesting without urging the players to go out and risk their health. Now in a surprise move, Pokemon Go is receiving the biggest update ever in its lifetime on November 30.

Niantic has announced the massive updates dubbed “Pokemon Go Beyond” coming to the title – addition of the Pokemon from the Kalos region being one of them. You’ll encounter the 6th gen Pokemon from this region more often now – and also the Pokemon X and Y starters (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie). Gamers will be excited to know, there is a mystery Pokemon hatching from one-star mystery raid eggs, so better watch out.

Then there is the update with the level cap raise to 50 – coming with more challenging tasks, rewards, and chance to own exclusive items. You’ll be getting more XP (almost double than before) for every Pokemon caught, egg hatching, evolving, or Pokedex entries –making the play more fun and goal-oriented. The developer is also going to make leveling up more accessible for players who’ve hibernated from the game in the recent past or ones who are newbies.

Another exciting addition to the game will be the Pokemon Go Beyond Seasons. As the seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) will go by and the hemisphere you live in, you’ll get to see different Pokemon in the wild and raids.

The Seasons will kick-off from December 1 with the Season of Celebration being the inaugural one. The Go Battle League also gets updates in the form of ranks being expanded from 10 – 24, and the new name badges for top four rankers – Ace, Veteran, Expert, and Legend.


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