Nothing is more soothing on a long drive than being able to listen to your personally curated playlists, and Android Auto now makes having that a whole lot easier. Of course, it helps if you have a car to begin with (haha). Plex is now ready to follow you even to your car in the shape of the new Plex for Android Auto.

Plex for Android Auto basically allows you to enjoy your own music, straight from your collection, integrating those with your car’s entertainment system. The app has been tweaked specifically for Android Auto – larger touch areas, a simplified interface, and intuitive voice commands – so that it’s easier to control while driving.

All you need to do is install the Plex app on your Android Auto and you can start interacting with Android Auto from the app on your phone. From there, you can play your synced playlists on Plex whenever you want.

It’ll probably take a few days for the app to become available for everyone. And if your car doesn’t support Android Auto, you can still run Plex for Android Auto from your phone and either output the audio to your car system wirelessly or wired.