SHIELD Android TV now offers more apps, $25 off remote

If everyone had SHIELD Android TV at home, probably most of us would never leave our houses right? No? Okay, that maybe just us. But if you do have one and have more discipline than us, or if you’re planning to get one and hole up in your man caves or she sheds (yes, that’s a thing now!), then you’ll be happy to know that you now have more apps to choose from to enhance your viewing or gaming experience on your SHIELD. Plus, you’ll get $25 savings on your SHIELD Remote for a limited time only.

Plex app receives a lot of Material Design goodness

We've lost count of how many Android apps have been updated with Material Design in mind but the number is probably a big percentage of the apps in Google Play Store already. One of the popular ones receiving a late makeover is Plex. The app regularly gets an update but it's only now that it's getting some Material Design love.

Plex updated to v4.5, adds voice search using Google Voice

This is the second time this month that we’re getting a version upgrade for Plex. The upgrade to version 4.4 was exciting, bringing fixes for Plex interfacing with Android TV and the addition of channel support. Now we go to version 4.5, where you can now launch Plex from the device’s launcher using a voice prompt through Google Voice.

PLEX version 4.2 comes out with fixes and interface updates

We’ve talked about the PLEX app a couple of times here before, and if you haven’t heard of this great media player suite before, we promise you – you could do worse. PLEX is one of the more solid server-caster-player apps out there, whether you just like to keep your media library in a nice order, or if you’re looking for an easy way to cast your content to either mobile or TV. The developers just came out with a new update, promising fixes and interface tweaks.

Plex for Android gets updated big time, version 4.0.1 now out

Plex has been one of the more solid media manager-slash-media streaming apps you could use for controlling your Chromecast stick or other such streaming devices. Plex offers a lot of features that most free apps just will not be able to match. So it’s good news that the Android app is finally getting a long-deserved update. This one will bump your Plex app version to 4.0.1, or somewhere thereabouts.

Plex app for Android updated with new design, single-app model

Media streaming service Plex has undergone a major update, not just in looks but also in the way you'll be able to use it. It now employs single-app model but with a small in-app purchase, as well as new additional features. But of course Ui-wise, it will also give you a more modern look and feel, although not necessarily the Material Design that most people expect from app updates of late.

Plex for Android update adds Camera Upload

The Plex Android app has once again been updated. The updated version of the app is already available in the Play Store, and perhaps more important is news about how this update brings a new feature. This new addition is called Camera Upload and is available for those with a Plex Pass subscription.