Android Auto

Android Auto to receive 3rd-party ROMs, might not be safe for everyone

More exciting things are coming Android Auto's way. (Or is it?) Why, the AVIC Development Mod can soon change the functions of an SD card in a Pioneer AVIC unit. This means it can be anything that is compatible, now allowing Android Auto to receive third-party ROMs and modify user interfaces or themes. We never really doubted that Android Auto can be altered because you know, almost anything today can be hacked, modified, or customized.

Google Auto LLC to make more self-driving cars

No official or major announcement yet and the Internet giant won't comment on related inquiries but Google is believed to be working on its own automotive company. We don't know if the company will start making cars but the Guardian said that an auto company is being set up according to some documents. app being prepped for Android Auto

Support for Android Auto is finally coming from This means you can finally read more books...errr, hear more audiobooks while in the car that has Android Auto connectivity. The in-car dashboard platform is slowly getting a lot of support, being integrated and installed in more cars. The list of vehicles is getting longer but expect more to be added so you can have more choices of what new car to buy--that is, if you are planning to get one.

2015 Hyundai Sonata owners can now download and install Android Auto

Android Auto may still not be the standard dashboard infotainment system in vehicles but more and more car makers are getting such connectivity. Of the very few 2015 models that are receiving the in-car OS, the Hyundai’s 2015 Sonata is the first car to have Android Auto as we already mentioned a few months back. Android Auto software is available at and is now ready for download.
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