It looks like we’re just days away from the expected retail launch of the next-gen PlayStation 4 console. Shuhei Yoshida, who has been the Sony‘s public face for the past months, has just announced the availability of the PlayStation App on Google Play Store and iTunes app store, possibly heralding the imminent arrival of the console.

The PlayStation app for mobile devices has been teased and previewed ever since the PlayStation 4 itself came into life in press rooms. Late last month, the app was revealed to come mid to end of November but it seems that Sony has decided to launch it early for one reason or another. Over the months, the app has been promised to do many things, with some sounding rather too good to be true. Now we finally get to see just how much of those eventually made it.

As expected, the PlayStation App simply provides a mobile extension to a player’s PlayStation Network and PlayStation 4 experience. The usual social networking features are present, allowing users to connect and chat with friends, brag about trophies, and even receive game notifications and alerts. The app will also let gamers pick up a game or add-on from the PlayStation Store and start downloading it on the PlayStation 4. It can also turn your mobile device into an on-screen keyboard for the console. And lastly, for games and apps that support it, the PlayStation App functions as a second screen for additional input.

The PlayStation App is free on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from the link below. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is unknown whether the app is compatible with other Android devices outside of Sony’s Xperia line.

Download: PlayStation App on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Shuhei Yoshida


  1. I just downloaded it to my Galaxy S3 and it works fine! Nexus 7 version has been downloaded, but I don’t have access to it from work.


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