While PopCap Games had confirmed they were working on a Plants vs. Zombies sequel way back in August of 2012, it wasn’t until much more recently when they offered a bit more detail. That news came in March when Plants vs. Zombies 2 was announced for sometime in the “early summer.” Of course, Android users may remember the bad news that came soon after.

PopCap Games confirmed the release date as July 18th, but said that it would be an iOS exclusive launch. We were still expecting the game to come available for other platforms (including Android) however it was clear that release would come a while later. As of today there is now some additional Plants vs. Zombies 2 news and it doesn’t look good for those who were waiting.

Basically the launch has been pushed back. PopCap Games has taken to Twitter with the details saying that the release has been pushed back until “later in the summer.” Aside from that they only mentioned that you should “stay tuned more details.” It is clear that iOS users will not be playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 on July 18th, but it is not quite as clear what that means for Android users.

Given the original launch was set to be an iOS exclusive it seems reasonable to believe that part will remain the same. Or in other words, it looks like Android users are going to be waiting even longer for the Plants vs. Zombies sequel to arrive in the Play Store. And for those curious, nothing was mentioned in terms of why the game is being delayed.

If nothing else, this just gives fans of the game some additional time to run through the original one more time. Or for those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon when the game first came available for Android — you now have some additional time to run through for a first time.

SOURCE: Twitter