It’s been almost a month now and we’re still waiting for the highly popular Plants vs Zombies 2 to hit our Android devices with no end in sight. It seems, though, that those in China will have their pea-shooting zombie-killing cravings satiated as the game is rumored to be launching in Chinese markets very soon.

The sequel to the blockbuster game was also met with blockbuster success, gaining 25 million downloads in just half a month after it was launched. That’s more than what the first Plants vs Zombies made. The numbers could probably have been higher if the game was also launched on Android and the PC instead of on iOS only. All we can do, unfortunately, is to make some noise about it and wait.

But if these rumors pan out, Chinese Android users won’t have to wait very long. Word is that Plants vs Zombies 2 will arrive this month on three of China’s major Android markets, namely Baidu AppSearch, 91 Assistant, and HiMarket. In case you’re wondering, Google Play Store isn’t available in the country so users have to resort to other sources for their Android apps.

Details are a bit murky as to the exact date of the release, with some pointing to September 17 and others marking September 12. But if an authentic Plants vs Zombies 2 Android version does come out, it could mean that we’re not that far away from finally seeing the game on Google Play Store.

VIA: MyDrivers