Aside from the double-tap to wake problems after update and audio and static distortion issues, the Google Pixel line is facing another issue. Some owners of the Pixel phones are said to be experiencing random software freezes. That can be very annoying for those who use the Pixel as their main mobile devices. Both the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are considered as premium mobile devices but there seems to be quality issues.

Many people are reporting issues and their disappointments like software freezes and lockups. Reasons for such are still unknown but there have been numerous similar reports of complete software freezes and lockups.

As with the previous problem, Google is aware of the freezing issue. The company has even started to respond to some complaints and requests. However, you won’t see any public replies.

Another rumor has it that one third party app is the cause of such freezing. Life360’s family locator is said to be the cause and uninstalling it eliminates the problem. Since both the Pixel and Pixel XL phones experience the same problems, the fix Google should work on and release must be for the particular issue. We’re not sure though how many percentage of all the Pixel and Pixel XL units are affected of the freezing issue. We’re hoping not very many.

VIA: Android Police