Google Pixel 5 5G Disassembly Teardown Repair Video

A gadget teardown is a way to knowing how well-designed or repairable a device is. Within the Android community, it is important because the consumers are given a glimpse into the insides of a new product before even buying. How well the components are placed inside is usually a good indication of a phone’s durability. The latest to be disassembled is the Pixel 5. PBKreviews managed to teardown the Google-powered smartphone. We’re curious about the gap issue some users have been complaining about so let’s see.

Less than a couple of weeks ago, we shared that some Pixel 5 units were showing gaps between the frame and phone display. It’s not the only problem as there have been reports that the phone suddenly turns back on while on the Pixel stand. It doesn’t have Pixel Neural Core, Soli Radar, and Motion Sense. It still is a good product but many people will want to know if it’s really going to be their money’s worth.

Opening the phone is somewhat easy. Apply some heat to the front the display so the screen’s adhesive on the sides loosen up. Take the screen off with a plastic pry tool from the mid frame. It can be a bit challenging but it comes off. Be careful when taking out the panel because there are some cables attached to the main board.

Disconnect whatever cable you see before popping off the bracket. It can be puzzling as to how the frame of some units show a gap when it’s a bit challenging to open. Our source‘s guess is that the phone heats up. That is a possibility.

The adhesive remains sticky even when removed so you know the screen is secured. It is secured that one doesn’t have to worry about dust and water getting inside the phone.

Once the panel is removed, you can remove about eleven screws. Take them out to remove the plate that covers the motherboard, vibrator vibrator motor, and thermal pad. The battery cable can be disconnected. The other cables can follow.

The phone is actually well-assembled inside. The possible reason there is a gap issue is overheating by some users.