Google Pixel 5 Pixel Stand Problem

Google Pixel phones having problems with the Pixel Stand is nothing new. We’ve heard of this before with the Pixel 3 a couple of years ago. We noted that Google seemed to be limiting the 10W charging of the Pixel 3 phone to Pixel Stand. This time, we are learning the Pixel 5 is having some problems too when paired with a Pixel Stand. At night, the phone “can’t sleep” even when it is supposed to be on bedtime mode.

We’ve heard other issues like units showing gaps between the frame and phone display. And now with the Pixel Stand, the Pixel 5’s display comes back on when it is on the stand even when it’s not supposed to.

So the Pixel 5 has insomnia. That’s how our source described the problem. The phone display actually turns off when placed on the stand but turns back on again after a while. That happens even when the “screen off when dark” is enabled.

Interestingly, this problem doesn’t happen with older Pixel phones. This means only the Pixel 5 has a bug. Others are saying it happens because the proximity sensor of the new Pixel phone is under the display. The phone could be detecting the stand as something.

Quick fixes include choosing the Do Not Disturb mode or resetting app preferences but then they don’t work most of the time. The issue is bothersome for many Pixel 5 because the phone needs to rest. Cross your fingers Google acknowledges the issue and send out a fix. Let’s wait and see.