Google has already weighed in on several Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL issues and we’re expecting specific fixes or solutions for each problem. One of the more annoying bugs is the clicking sound made during phone calls but a temporary fix has been suggested already: turn off the NFC. The solution seems to work for some but looks like there is another audio problem bugging the Pixel 2 phone owners.

This time, the problem is specifically exhibited by the Pixel 2 XL when recording a video. We’re only waiting for Google to release a software update for the Pixel 2 clicking sound and hopefully, a fix for this new problem.

The audio in video recording quality is not good considering it is a premium flagship device. The video recorded shows some noticeable noise as demonstrated by Artem, the same guy who shared his problem with a Google Home Mini.

This could just be another isolated case but the Pixel 2 has also exhibited the same problem as demonstrated in several videos posted on Android Police.

There is no official statement yet from Google but a representative said that a fix will be arriving soon. That fix better includes a permanent fix for the Pixel 2’s clicking sound and whatever it is causing the Pixel 2 XL to record low-quality videos with poor audio. Let’s wait and see.

Hear the sample audio below:

VIA: Android Police